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CUT. - 07.2017 - MOZART blades partner information

Dear MOZART friends and business partners.

Success stories can be tiresome, and we certainly do not want our readers to be bored. But as a Mozart customer, you might be interested in the fact that for us 2017 started off just as furiously as 2016 had ended.

For many blades and product segments, we continue to grow enormously and gain new customers both at home and abroad. This is an expression of the high appreciation for our high-quality blades, which we - unlike some competitors – continue to produce 100% in Solingen, city of blades.

In addition, there is still a lot going on in front of and behind the scenes. For example, we are pleased that we can now offer to our customers in the craft sector our blades in hanging packs for points of sale. See below for more.

The temperatures rise. We wish you and ourselves a wonderful summer!
Christian Klein, Sales Director - Peter Kamper, International Sales Manager



Just imagine...

you meet your childhood sweetheart again and, after all these years, it feels like before. Only better!

Finally craftsmen can put their old utility handle aside – the all new MOZART S2 knife is ready and in distribution since this week.

Upon its initial presentation in spring 2017 the new handle got a quickly growing fan base, appreciating the legendary compact design of a SCHILLER knife, combined with state of the art features in MOZART quality. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in distributing the new MOZART S2 knife, we’ll be pleased to provide a short notice quotation or sampling.

For more product information please click here

New blade box for snap-off, styro and scraper blades.

You might have noticed a recent change in the way we are packing our snap-off, styrofoam and scraper blades:
Almost secretly we introduced a new blade box with a better feel and, most important, with a safer closing mechanism. Many blade boxes that are out there have latches that can easily open during transportation. With the new recessed latch of the MOZART blade box and the guided way of flipping it open we offer a rock-solid solution. This, together with the new MOZART 100 packs in a hanging design, creates an attractive POS solution. Please don’t hesitate to ask for further information or sampling!

Mozart for hanging up.

Mozart blades for the crafts, i.e. hook, trapezoid, half-moon and snap-off blades, are now also available in 100-piece display boxes in Mozart design for hanging. They are specially designed for points of sale with customer contact. The cardboard boxes have a tab with Euro perforation and are suitable for hanging walls.
The highlight: the 100-piece cartons have a lateral tear-open tab. When the tab is open, the 10-piece dispensers contained in the carton can be taken out individually. These are provided with barcode labels (right now with the exception of snap-off blades) and can therefore also be sold piece-by-piece.
The existing display boxes remain available (exception: snap-off blades).
In case you are interested please contact the Mozart sales team.



MOZART Marketing.

For many years we have been considering ourselves being an active part of the city of Solingen. Living the idea of Corporate Citizenship MOZART is trying to give various impulses to the social and cultural life in our city. A good example is the „ART_SPONSORING_SOLINGEN“ which MOZART has been financially supporting for many years. This engagement of several Solingen based companies has enabled the Kunstmuseum Solingen (art museum) to offer several exciting exhibitions to the public in recent years. We recommend visiting the Solingen Art Museum next time you are in our area – it’s really worth it!

Fair review.

Like every year, Domotex fair in January in Hanover was again the starting point for Mozart’s annual merry-go-round of trade fairs. Almost at the same time as the world’s leading trade fair for the flooring sector, BAU fair took place in Munich, the world’s leading trade fair and the meeting place for the entire construction industry. At both fairs, Mozart's product range for the crafts (flooring, painting etc.) was at the center, and the Mozart team once again had the opportunity to exchange ideas with practitioners, and also presented the new S2 knife on that occasion. As always, we were very happy about the positive feedback from the craftsmen!

An interesting contrast was JEC trade fair in Paris, the world's leading trade fair for composites, i.e. compound materials made of technical fibers and synthetic resins. Mozart supplies blades for this sunrise sector, especially for the mechanical cutting of technical fibers such as glass or carbon fibers.

Textile technologies were the focus of Techtextil / Techprocess in Frankfurt. This fair was about innovative technical textiles and high-performance materials based on fibers. Mozart provides the necessary high-quality cutting solutions for this sector as well.



Fi-Tech, Inc. – MOZART partner for almost 25 years.

In 2018, Fi-Tech, Inc. will celebrate 25 years of successful cooperation with Mozart AG in the North American Market. It is hard to believe so many successful years have passed since our cooperation began in July 1993. Like Mozart, Fi-Tech is a family run agency and distribution company with operations in both Richmond, VA and San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Fi-Tech specializes in the supply of technical components, spare parts and turnkey equipment used in the manufacture of synthetic fibers, nonwoven fabrics, textiles and composite materials. Started by Lee Bassett in 1972, Fi-Tech has grown from a 1 person firm to over 70 employees spread across 5 companies in the USA, Mexico, and United Kingdom. Today, Lee’s sons, Todd and Jeff Bassett run the business.

In addition to the agency and distribution business in N. America, Fi-Tech owns and operates three specialist knife manufacturing companies:

Arkote, Ltd. in Sheffield manufactures knives for the tobacco industry.
Hardy Ltd. manufactures knives for the leather/tannery industry and
HMK Ltd. manufacturers carbide knives and wear parts for a number of different industries.

Through our mutual efforts and cooperation, the Mozart and Fi-Tech teams have successfully worked together building strong market penetration in North America. With supreme quality and strong local customer support, the Mozart brand is widely accepted and recognized as first choice by the customers in N. America. We are looking forward to continue this story of success!

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