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CUT. - 11.2015 - MOZART blades partner information

Dear MOZART business partners.

We are pleased to present you the 2nd issue of our CUT newsletter, full of exciting topics from every field of our business. 

The central focus of this issue is certainly the kick-off of the new MOZART building we are adding to our premises, a project which will for sure accompany us for the months to come. In our newsletter we are going to update you on the construction progress regularly, the latest pictures of the construction site can also be found on our website. 

Also our product line got some interesting addition: New handles and very special blade configurations have been added to our program and are going to be available short notice. 

Particularly exciting for you might be the possibilities that the new MOZART laser production process is offering: From now on we are able to provide prototypes and small lots in perfect series quality – even a lot size of 1 blade is possible! 

Enough of the preamble – we hope you enjoy the reading of the MOZART CUT 2.0!
Christian Klein, Sales Director - Peter Kamper, International Sales Manager



Mozart expands.

11,000 square meters of production area are no longer sufficient. 27 years after construction of the current company building, an extension is overdue in order to keep pace with Mozart's sustained growth in recent years. The futuristic-looking expansion to the existing building will offer 1,000 square meters of space and modern equipment for production and development. The ground breaking ceremony took place in October, completion is scheduled for mid-2016.  

New Sales Coordinator

David DeselaresMozart is very pleased to welcome Mr. David Deselaers as a new colleague to the sales team. David previously acquired experience in international sales in two companies with technical background. At Mozart, the 27 year old expectant father will mainly serve customers from abroad. 

"International sales is particularly exciting for me because you get into contact with very different requirements and mentalities," says David. Already at ITMA fair in Milan in November he will have the opportunity to meet personally many customers and prospects at the Mozart booth.



MOZART Produkte.
Precision Cutting Knives with Thumbscrew.

Mozart's successful F-series precision cutting knives are now also available as a thumbscrew version. In this variant the thumbscrew replaces the Allen screw of the standard handles, offering the advantage of a tool-free blade exchange.

2514.02 is the lighter version for fine cuts, whereas 2515.04 is the enhanced model for vigorous work. Both handles are ergonomically shaped, nickel-plated and have a micro-ventilated, non-slip handle for fatigue-free, safe and precise cutting.

For both knives a wide range of blade geometries for different cutting applications is available - from separating and deburring plastic parts to granulation, leather, cardboard and textile cutting up to cutting foils and hoses into lengths. Optionally, the handle 2515 is available with internal thread for inserting an additional tool (e.g. a pin for puncturing).

The handles with thumbscrew are now available with 20 pieces per carton. We will be pleased to provide an offer on request.

18 mm snap-off blade even sharper.

The NEW 180.051 is the latest addition to the MOZART line of snap-off blades:  

By applying a higher hardness, a wider grinding bevel and by using a special grinding technique we created the sharpest cutter blade MOZART ever made. This aggressive sharpness will be appreciated when cutting paper, foil, wet wallpaper or in general in every application where a supreme sharpness is required. 

Please contact us for more information!

MOZART Trimmer used in boat building.

It only took a few years to make the MOZART Trimmer THE standard tool for trimming welded seams in PVC and linoleum. 

But only beginning of this year we learned about another application where the Trimmer is performing extremely well: 

When building new ships or remodeling boats with wooden decks the seams between the wooden planks are filled with an elastic sealing compound. As of today the excess of the compound are trimmed off by using a cutter blade and scraping it flat over the seam. Obviously this is dangerous and also causing severe damages to the wooden planks. 

By using the MOZART Trimmer the excess can now be trimmed of absolutely flat with no danger of hurting anybody or damaging the wooden surface. Several editorials and articles from boat owners have been published in professional journals recently. 

That’s real cross selling!



MOZART Marketing.
MOZART to exhibit at world leading trade fair ITMA.

The international fiber and textile industry is in the starting blocks for ITMA 2015. This year, Milan is the venue for the eight-day international trade fair for the entire value chain for the production of fibers, fabrics and textiles, with nearly 1,400 exhibitors from 47 countries on more than 200,000 square meters. 

Just as at every ITMA, Mozart will be present with its own booth, looking forward to the visit of many partners, customers and interested parties from all over the world. The main focus will obviously be on fiber blades, but other industrial blades and handles will be shown at the Mozart booth as well.

Visit us in hall 2 at booth G104!



MOZART Marketing.
Laser technology for prototyping and small series.

A fundamental difficulty in industrial mass production is the fabrication of prototypes and small series: if machinery and production processes are designed for big quantities, unique specimen and small series are difficult to implement.

In recent years, Mozart has worked intensively on a solution to this dilemma and now offers its customers the possibility to produce special blades according to customer requirements in small to medium volumes with modern, specially developed laser technology. The result is maximum precision and individuality to the last detail, from a production run of one single piece.

What can be realized:
  • blade thicknesses of 0.1 - 1 mm
  • 2-sided double facet and 1-sided double facet grinding geometries
  • high-alloyed carbon steels or stainless steels as a material
 Please contact us, we will be glad to advise you!

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